greasychickenface is a Toronto based artist. Her heritage is Danish and Greek. greasychickenface studied Art History, Visual Art and English Literature at University of Toronto. Art is in her blood it is what keeps her alive. greasy mostly works with watercolour and ink on paper (sometimes marker, pen & coloured pencils). Greasy's greatest inspiration are her 2 rad kids and her wolfpack. greasychickenface loves going to the Opera and has a passion for the classics. Other things that inspire greasy's illustrations are: Warhola, Picasso, Kerouac, Rothko, birds, love, acorns, pinecones, haikus for a haiku nation, pineapples, yellow, orange, turquoise, red, pink, grey, graffiti, neon everything, fluorescent, drawings, friendly monsters, doodles, reading, art, rap, garage rock, friends inspiring friends inspiring dreams, copic markers, vampires, water, wind, pine trees, things worn, things worn away, ghosts, the Big Lebowski, John Goodman, writing, travel...we all have a place under the sun, it all has a place in my heart, everyday should be a firecracker....KABOOM!

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